FCJE condemns Barcelona’s city council for interrupting relations with Israel

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain (FCJE) and the Jewish community of Barcelona (CIB.CAT) have accused the Barcelona City Council of ‘polarizing and dividing’ after approving a proposal by the Comuns in Friday’s plenary session, which calls for the interruption of institutional relations with the Government of Israel until a definitive ceasefire.

“Breaking relations does not help in resolving this or any other conflict. What helps is strengthening ties,” they state in a joint statement.

The proposal by BComú was negotiated with the municipal government (PSC) and ERC; Junts, PP, and Vox voted against it.

In the agreement to finalize the text, the PSC changed the verb ‘suspend’ (proposed by BComú) to ‘interrupt’ and added the nuance that the change in relations is directed at the ‘current government of Israel.’

According to FCJE and CIB.CAT, 401 of the 421 words in the text are ‘against the Jews and against Israel,’ while the ‘horrendous crimes of Hamas, beheadings, rapes, mutilations, the killings of women, children, and the elderly, of young people dancing at a music festival; the more than 200 hostages are dealt with in 20 words.


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