OUR Mission

Slide Fostering
Jewish Unity
To foster the unity of the Jewish people, to strive for the fulfillment of its aspirations and ensure the continuity and development of its religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage.
Jewish Communities
To create opportunities for community leaders to establish ties with one another and share their experiences and ideas.
Helping the
communities flourish
To assist in the revitalisation of the once rich Jewish life in parts of Europe and to help small communities to develop and flourish.
Slide Combatting
To combat the resurgence of antisemitism and xenophobia through education, justice and security, in cooperation with national governments and European Union institutions.
Jewish life
To protect Jewish life and to defend the individual rights of Jews to practice Judaism and its traditions freely.
Preserving the
Shoah memory
To ensure the memory and education of the Shoah and to fight against those who distort or deny its memory by organising commemoration events, visits to concentration and death camps, and promoting educational programmes.
Slide Promoting balanced
decision-making with regard to Israel
To promote a balanced policy towards Israel from a European perspective, to combat the unfair vilification of Israel in Europe, and to assist in the construction of a healthy dialogue between Europeans and Israelis.
To monitor developments in the legislative field that can threaten Jewish life and traditions on European and national levels and to take immediate action to protect Jewish interests.
inter-religious dialogue
To enhance interreligious dialogue and to contribute to a democratic European society based on peace, understanding and tolerance.
OUR OBJECTIVES The EJC addresses the many challenges currently faced by European Jewry. EJC’s agenda has evolved since its establishment in response to the broad diversity of Jewish communities within Europe. However, in spite of their cultural differences and heterogeneous historic backgrounds, EJC’s members share common needs and interests, which in turn become EJC’s primary objectives.