EJC welcomes landmark agreement for the eradication of antisemitism in Spain

"We welcome this very positive initiative of the Spanish government to work with the Jewish community and with educators and we urge other European governments to see this as a positive prototype to implement in their own countries", said Dr. Moshe Kantor.

Dr. Moshe Kantor Calls for Ambitious and Practical Solutions at the “An End to Antisemitism!” Conference in Vienna

EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor called for a full recognition of the severity of antisemitism and for finding practical solutions at the “An End to Antisemitism!” conference held in Vienna this week.

EJC presents Golden Vision award to Lithuanian writer Ruta Vanagaite

"Setting aside her personal interests, Ruta Vanagaite risked her safety and her livelihood for the sake of historical truth and for the sake of the future of her country. By bringing painful subjects to light regardless of the personal cost, she acted as a true patriot of her country", said Dr. Moshe Kantor.

Joint letter by Jewish organisations to President Antonio Tajani opposing the invitation of Omar Barghouti to the European Parliament

The objectives of the BDS movement and the repeated antisemitic statements of Mr. Barghouti himself directly harm Europe’s Jewish communities, and are not compatible with European values. They also directly oppose and undermine the dialogue-based and constructive peace process between Israel and the Palestinians that the EU supports as an honest broker.


EJC welcomes Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein in Brussels

The European Jewish Congress had the honour and the pleasure to receive Speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein in Brussels on Tuesday, January 23 2018.



Rabbi’s 14-month-old daughter ‘burned with white spirit in her pram’

The 14-month-old daughter of a rabbi from Bron, near Lyon, was burned on Monday by white spirit in her pram.

Spain helps keep Ladino alive

The Spanish Royal Academy has taken a first step towards creating a distinct academy for Ladino that will nurture the struggling language.

Polish politician demands “Polocaust” museum

Poland's Deputy Minister of Culture says he supports the establishment of a museum to commemorate the deaths of non-Jews during World War II.

Moscow court denies Raoul Wallenberg’s family right to open files

A Moscow court has upheld the Russian security service's refusal to open the files of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg to his family.

Austrian students disrupt Cabinet minister’s speech

Jewish students in Austria disrupted a Cabinet minister’s speech at the "An end to Antisemitism!" conference over the fact that the government includes politicians from the far-right Freedom Party.


Algemeiner: Lawmaker Who Proposed Controversial Iceland Circumcision Ban Claims It Does Not Violate Religious Freedom

Kantor also defended the practice of circumcision, saying, “We call upon one of the world’s oldest legislatures to respect the values of openness and tolerance to an age-old practice for which there is absolutely no evidence that it is harmful in any way.”


US accused of allowing Libya to keep Jewish property

The United States is signing an agreement with Libya that activists say legitimises the confiscation of Jewish property by the North African country.


Oldest human remains outside Africa found in Israeli cave

A partial jawbone bearing seven teeth unearthed in a cave in Israel represents what scientists are calling the oldest-known Homo sapiens remains outside Africa, showing that our species trekked out of that continent far earlier than previously known.




Address by Dr Moshe Kantor, EJC President, at the Conference ‘An End to Antisemitism!’ in Vienna