70 years of a wonderful story: EJC celebrates Israel’s independence

The European Jewish Congress would like to express its joy on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Yom Ha’atzmaut, the Israeli Day of Independence.

Kantor Center Annual Report on Antisemitism Worldwide 2017: The Year the Mask Came Off

"Neither the public nor the private space are perceived as safe for Jews, as was seen by the recent horrific and brutal murder of Mireille Knoll, who survived the Holocaust to be stabbed and burnt in her home. The general feeling shared by Jews, as individuals and as a community, is that antisemitism has entered a new phase, and is widespread in most parts of the world,” said Dr. Moshe Kantor.

EJC condemns horrific murder of Mireille Knoll

The European Jewish Congress condemns the horrific murder of Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll in Paris last Friday, in a sordid echo of the murder of Sarah Halimi almost one year ago.

EJC supports the ‘Enough is Enough’ call to action against antisemitism in the Labour Party

It has been abundantly clear for too long that the Labour leadership under Jeremy Corbyn has at best a massive blind spot when it comes to antisemitism, and at worst openly encourages hatred and double-standards against Jews.


EJC joins commemoration ceremony for Mireille Knoll at French embassy in Brussels

"We, the European Jewish Congress, representing 42 Jewish communities in Europe, stand in solidarity with the Knoll family, the French Jewish community and the French Republic," said EJC Director of Legal and Public Affairs Ariella Woitchik at the ceremony.



German Jewish leader warns against wearing kippot in public

Dr Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany has urged the country's Jews not to wear kippot in public.

Rome’s Jews to boycott official Liberation Day event over presence of pro-Palestinian groups

Rome’s Jewish community said it will boycott the official Liberation Day ceremonies because of the inclusion of pro-Palestinian groups that that carry symbols alien to the spirit of the commemoration.

Mallorca holds first Jewish learning festival

Some 85 participants out of a Jewish community of up to 200 participated in the day-long Limud Mallorca, which offered 18 sessions on Jewish topics in Spanish, Catalan, and English.

Austrian leader claims he cannot stop Croatian neo-Nazi event

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he is powerless to prevent a church-sponsored memorial of Ustasha regime supporters in Bleiburg.

Belgian Jews slam decision of Brussels university to honour Ken Loach

The Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish organisations has sharply criticised the Free University of Brussels (ULB) for its decision to honour British filmmaker and far-left activist Ken Loach.


Newswire: How the European Jewish Congress is fighting antisemitism around the world

One of the most important organisations that speaks for Jewish people and has been at the forefront of the movement to bring antisemitism to a halt is the European Jewish Congress.


European Parliament calls for release of Israelis held in Gaza

The European Parliament condemned Hamas and called for the release of Israeli citizens held in Gaza and for the retrieval of the bodies of Israeli soldiers bodies held by the terror group.


As Israel celebrates 70th birthday, population grows to 8.842 million

Ahead of Israel's 70th Independence Day, the population of Israel has increased more than tenfold from 806,000 at the country’s establishment in 1948 to approximately 8.842 million today, according to data the Central Bureau of Statistics.




Address by Dr Moshe Kantor, EJC President, at the Conference ‘An End to Antisemitism!’ in Vienna