Hundreds of neo-Nazis march in Budapest

Hundreds of neo-Nazis from across Europe marched through Budapest armed with assault rifles and hand grenades for the 'Day of Honour', an annual gathering of far-right extremists.

Top Budapest rabbi opposes attempted recovery of remains from Danube

Chief Rabbi Robert Frohlich of the Great Synagogue in Budapest, has commented on the current search for Jewish remains in the Danube, saying that it would be more respectful to leave any human remains where they lie.

Hungarian Jews express concerns about search for bones of Jewish people in the Danube

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary has expressed concerns about an ongoing probe for the remains of possible Jewish victims in the Danube river.

Hungarian Jews blast incitement against leader

Hungary's umbrella Jewish organisation and EJC affiliate has condemned incitement against its leader after he was depicted on the cover of a prominent pro-government weekly surrounded by banknotes.

Jobbik leader steps down after antisemitic record surfaces

Jobbik deputy parliamentary group leader István Szávay announced his immediate resignation following the release of recordings containing antisemitic comments and details of an alleged assault.

Yad Vashem: Hungarian Holocaust Museum is a falsification of history

Yad Vashem has publicly criticized a new Holocaust museum in Hungary, known as the House of Fates, describing it as a grave falsification of history

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