Antisemitic poet honoured by Hungary

A well-known antisemitic poet received a high public recognition from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

SACC by EJC Organises Crisis Management Course in Budapest

SACC by EJC organised a 5-day Crisis Management Course in Budapest, in cooperation with MAZSIHISZ.

Hungarian Jews welcome government decision to open delegation in Jerusalem

The MASZIHISZ federation welcomed the decision by the Hungarian government to open a diplomatic delegation in Jerusalem.

Hungarian government to promote IHRA definition of antisemitism

Hungary’s government has decided to promote the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, according to a resolution published in the country's official gazette.

Hundreds of neo-Nazis march in Budapest

Hundreds of neo-Nazis from across Europe marched through Budapest armed with assault rifles and hand grenades for the 'Day of Honour', an annual gathering of far-right extremists.

Top Budapest rabbi opposes attempted recovery of remains from Danube

Chief Rabbi Robert Frohlich of the Great Synagogue in Budapest, has commented on the current search for Jewish remains in the Danube, saying that it would be more respectful to leave any human remains where they lie.

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