Deutsche Welle: Independence Day: Poland’s nationalism fight goes on

As far-right extremists plan to hold a huge rally later on Saturday in Warsaw, DW looks at how and why Poland's National Independence Day has been hijacked in recent years by the far right.

Washington Post: How Poland became a breeding ground for Europe’s far right

Few countries suffered as much under the Nazis as Poland did during the Second World War. And yet, more than 70 years later, it has become a center on the continent for the far right, and liberal critics say the government isn’t doing anything about it.

Digital Journal: A Major Milestone in the Fight against Anti-Semitism

After considerable effort on the part of Moshe Kantor and other European Jewish leaders, the European Parliament voted in favour last week of a resolution that establishes an agreed...

MSN: A tit-for-tat Islamophobic attack?

The attack on Muslims returning home after tarawih prayers in Finsbury Park, north London late last night reeks of a tit-for-tat revenge - ramming into crowds, screaming death threats...

Catholic Press Agency Austria (KPO): Religious leaders condemn attack on Muslims in London

Top representatives of all religions have condemned an anti-Islamic attack on mosque visitors in London's Finsbury Park district. On Monday, a minibus was rushed to a group of people...

London Jewish News: Community leaders condemn terrorist attack at Finsbury Park mosque

Jewish community groups have condemned an attack on a group of Muslim worshippers near a mosque by a man in a white van, being treated as terrorism by police...

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