The Times: Jews scared to speak out as antisemitism spreads in Orban’s Hungary

“Any attempt to equate the systematic extermination of Jewish lives with the situation faced by the wider Hungarian population during the Nazi occupation sets a dangerous precedent,” said EJC President Moshe Kantor.

Jewish News: 90 percent of French Jewish students subject to antisemitism during studies

EJC president Dr. Moshe Kantor said: “Unfortunately, campuses, which are supposed to be the bases of open and liberal thought have become hotbeds of hate and intolerance against Jews."

New York Times: Jewish Caricatures at Belgian Carnival Set Off Charges of antisemitism

The controversy has revealed the wide sensitivity gap between some Belgian revelers inured to such blatant ethnic caricatures, and outsiders attuned to calling out racism and antisemitism.

Financial Times: Mehdi Nemmouche convicted in Jewish museum murders

Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, condemned the defence team’s use of "reprehensible tactics" and "conspiracy theories" during the trial.

Wall Street Journal: Belgium Finds Men Guilty in Jewish Museum Terrorist Attack

The European Jewish Congress said the verdict was a “successful stress test for the rule of law in Belgium.”

Yated Neeman: Tens of Thousands March in France to Protest Anti-semitism

An estimated 20,000 people took to the streets of Paris, and thousands marched in other cities across France to protest a spate of recent anti-Semitic attacks, including the vandalism of almost 100 graves in a Jewish cemetery in eastern France.

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EJC’s Security and Crisis Centre Holds Unprecedented Conference on Security and Resilience

SACC by EJC held an unprecedented conference in the Belgian Senate today bringing together heads of security and Jewish community leaders with high ranking law enforcement, judicial, political and security experts from 24 countries across Europe.