Far-right Croats gather in Austria for WWII commemoration

Thousands of Croatian far-right supporters gathered in a field in southern Austria to commemorate the massacre of pro-Nazi Croats by communists at the end of World War II.

Croatian Jews, Serbs, Roma and anti-fascists gather at WWII site

Jewish, Serb, Roma and anti-fascist groups came together to commemorate the victims of the Jasenovac extermination camp in Croatia.

Croatian Jews to boycott ceremony at former Nazi camp

The Croatian Jewish community will not attend the official government commemoration for the victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp for the fourth straight year.

Croatia ombudsperson: WWII fascist symbols widespread

Croatia’s Ombudsperson said that Ustasha symbols have become increasingly visible in the country, while the crimes of the Nazi-allied movement are being downplayed by politicians and media.

Sunglasses company holds photoshoot at Croatian Holocaust memorial

An Australian sunglasses company that used a Holocaust memorial in Croatia for a photo shoot has removed its new advertising campaign.

Croatia removes pro-Nazi plaque near death camp

Croatian authorities on Thursday removed a plaque bearing a salute used by the country’s pro-Nazi regime during the Second World War that was placed last year near the site...

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