Austrian Parliament MPs pledge to categorise BDS as antisemitic

Leading Austrian lawmakers have vowed they will declare the BDS campaign targeting Israel as antisemitic during the next legislative session.

Austrian elections: Support for far-right collapses

Support for Austria’s Freedom party (FPÖ) has plunged by more than a third as voters punished the far-right group in national elections for a corruption scandal that brought down the government.

Austrian centre-right calls for ban on far-right Identitarians

Austria's governing centre-right party said it will insist on banning the far-right Identitarian Movement (IBÖ) as a condition of any coalition after next elections.

Austria to grant citizenship to descendants of victims of Nazi persecution

Austria's parliament has voted to grant citizenship to the descendants of Nazi victims, who fled the country under Hitler's Third Reich.

Legal battle over Hitler’s birth place finally ends

Austrian Supreme Court put anend to the years-long legal battle over the birthplace of Adolf Hitler by siding with the government, leaving the former owner of the property with the compensation she was initially offered.

Christians and Muslims team up to protect Holocaust exhibit in Vienna

Muslim and Catholic activists teamed up to protect an exhibit of photos of Holocaust survivors in central Vienna after vandals targeted them for a third time.

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