French judge rules Sarah Halimi killer not responsible because he smoked marijuana

A French judge ruled that the man who killed Sarah Halimi in Paris is probably not criminally responsible for his actions because he had smoked marijuana beforehand.

Yellow Jacket activist receives suspended prison sentence for antisemitic verbal assault

A 36 year-old man who shouted antisemitic insults at French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut received a two month suspended jail sentence from a court in Paris.

French town launches model plan to fight racism and antisemitism

The town of Sarcelles has launched an ambitious plan to fight racism and antisemitism which it hopes will become a model for communities across France.

Antisemitic French comedian given two year sentence for tax fraud

French comedian Dieudonné, a convicted antisemite whose shows the French government once tried to shut down, was sentenced to two years in jail for tax fraud and money laundering by a court in Paris.

Marseille hosts training for police and magistrates on how to combat antisemitism

Police announced that its officers, gendarmes and magistrates will follow training in Marseille in order to know how to register complaints and investigate racist, antisemitic or anti-LGBT crimes.

Jerusalem Square inaugurated in Paris

The “Place de Jérusalem” was inaugurated in Paris, at the initiative of Mayor Anne Hidalgo in the presence of Moshe Lion, Mayor of Jerusalem.

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