Paris streets named after Jewish children killed in terror attack

Seven years after an Islamic terrorist targeted a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse, two alleys in a square in the centre of Paris are to be named after the three children killed in the attack.

Aide to far-right French politician pictured wearing Orthodox Jewish costume

An assistant of the general-secretary of France’s foremost far-right party was photographed grimacing while dressed as an Orthodox Jew and extending claw-like fingers at the camera.

Monument to Paris Holocaust victims vandalised

A monument to the child victims from the Vel D’Hiv round-up of 1942 from which Jews were sent to the Nazi death camps was vandalised in Paris.

Far-right French activist engages in Holocaust denial in meeting at National Assembly

During a parliamentary enquiry investigating extremist groups on the far-right held at the French National Assembly, Yvan Benedetti, a leading far-right activist, engaged in Holocaust denial attended.

French far right activist has jail sentenced annulled on appeal

The annulment of a sentence convicting far-right activist and Holocaust denier Alain Soral sparked controversy in France.

Leading Yellow Vest activist compares Macron to Hitler

The head of France’s Yellow Vests Citizens Change list for the European elections has endorsed candidates who shared pictures comparing the country’s president Emmanuel Macron to Adolf Hitler.

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