Luxembourg presents national action plan to combat antisemitism

The police registered 76 cases of antisemitism in Luxembourg in 2022. This served as an essential source of information for the preparation of the national action plan.

Report shows that antisemitism remains high in Luxembourg

According to a report of RIAL (Recherche et information sur l'antisémitisme au Luxembourg), the number of antisemitic incidents in Luxembourg remains worryingly high. 76 incidents of antisemitic nature were reported.

Luxembourg Jews commemorate deportation to concentration camps

Members of Luxembourg's Jewish community gathered in Cinqfontaines to commemorate the deportation of the Grand Duchy's Jews during the Second World War.

Luxembourg sees antisemitic incidents rise 64% in one year

The Luxembourg-based charity RIAL has reported new statistics showing that antisemitic incidents have risen by 64 percent in the last year. The group recorded 80 antisemitic incidents in 2021, including harassment, damage to Jewish cemeteries, and online abuse.

Holocaust remembrance centre to open in Luxembourg

A learning and remembrance centre about the Holocaust in Luxembourg is set to open in May 2022 as the grand duchy takes steps to put into action a landmark restitution agreement signed last year.

Luxembourg to pay one million Euros in reparations for Holocaust survivors

The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) announced that its Claims Conference has started distributing funds from the Luxembourg Fund for Holocaust survivors who currently live in Luxembourg or lived there during the Nazi occupation.

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