Luxembourg is Western Europe’s last Holocaust country to deny restitution

Luxembourg still makes it harder than any other Western European nation for Jews to reclaim property and assets lost under the Nazis.

Luxembourg installs Holocaust memorial

A monument to Shoah victims in Luxembourg was officially inaugurated on Sunday in the presence of the country’s Grand Duke and Prime Minister.

Luxembourg commemorates 75th anniversary of Nazi deportations of Jews

On Sunday, 16th October, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg was joined by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first deportation of Jews from the...

Luxembourg commemorates 75th anniversary of first Nazi deportation of Jews

Luxembourg will mark the 75th anniversary on Sunday of the first deportation of Jews from Luxembourg to the Litzmannstadt ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland. The ceremony will take place at Luxembourg...

Luxembourg chain pulls Israeli produce

Luxembourg's largest supermarket chain, Cactus, had decided to halt the sale of Israeli produce until its supplier finds proof that its origin is not the West Bank. The chain's management...

Luxembourg poll: Apology for Shoah role was right

Luxembourg was right to apologise for the way it treated the Jewish community during the first months under occupation in WWII, residents have confirmed in a survey. A politmonitor survey,...

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