Jewish wedding celebrated in 1,500 year-old synagogue in Calabria

A Jewish wedding was celebrated in the Calabria region in Southern Italy, at the site of a 1500-year-old synagogue.

Holocaust memorial vandalised in Rome

A sticker with an inscription in German stating: "The murderer always returns to the scene of the crime" was attached to a Holocaust memorial cobblestone.

Fascist symbols and rhetoric on rise in Italian EU vote

Fascist symbols, rhetoric and salutes have made their way out of the hooligan sections of football stadiums and into Italian streets in the run-up to the European elections.

Holocaust survivor opens Italian book fair after neo-fascist banned

A Polish-born Holocaust survivor opened a book fair in Italy to a standing ovation, after organisers agreed to ban a publisher linked to a neo-fascist group.

Italian PM: “Antisemitism is the suicide of the European man”

“Antisemitism, in the past as well as today, is a suicide of the European man,” PM Giuseppe Conte said speaking at the Great Synagogue of Rome.

Italian university dedicates garden to professor expelled in 1938

The University of Florence has dedicated a garden to a Jewish professor expelled after the promulgation of the 1938 racial laws.

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