Protecting our communities

The security of the European Jewish communities is a vital issue and a major concern for the European Jewish Congress. In 2012, EJC launched the Security and Crisis Centre (SACC) programme, a major effort to enhance the security of all Jews in Europe. Due to the aggravation of the threat, the programme expanded into a new entity “SACC by EJC” and opened an office with a Control Room in Vienna, Austria.

In five years, SACC has dramatically improved the crisis management of EJC’s affiliated communities and worked closely with the communities in order to make them stronger and ready to respond to any crisis.

A highly qualified team of crisis management experts is available to help Jewish communities prepare for the worst. During a real crisis, SACC by EJC team provides assistance and support.

The SACC Control Room is equipped with all necessary means and amenities for supporting a large-scale community crisis event. SACC by EJC organises training seminars and conferences at its office in Vienna and across Europe. The aim is to help improve the connection between the communities across Europe and within the countries in order to enable maximum cooperation during a crisis.

The SACC’s expertly trained Crisis Managers have many years of experience in the fields of security and crisis management and are fully equipped to help the Jewish communities overcome any situation.

SACC by EJC helps communities establish a crisis management team, support in training of team members, as well as regular follow-ups to make sure that the communities are prepared to handle any situation – whether it is a terror attack, a natural disaster, or any other crisis.

The regional Crisis Managers are available 24/7 through a quick-reaction communication system run and maintained by SACC by EJC, which allows them to act according to the circumstances.

The main goal of SACC by EJC is to ensure the safety and preparedness of Jewish communities across Europe.


Actively helping the communities in time of crisis

The SACC Core Team provides professional assistance in times of crisis for Jewish communities in Europe.

Assisting Jewish communities in Europe

To prepare and apply local community crisis plans which will enable them to handle crisis situations.

Creating a sustainable network of community crisis teams

SACC’s goal is to create a sustainable network of community crisis teams.