Germany deports Palestinian convicted of terror, cancels BDS event

Germany announced it would revoke the visa of a Palestinian woman convicted on terrorism charges in Israel, preventing her participation in a cultural event in Berlin organised by the BDS movement.

Munich police under fire for possible extremist chats

Munich police announced they are investigating 13 officers for internal and legal violations, including the sharing of objectionable content over social messaging services.

Germany investigates far-right threats

German authorities are investigating over 100 threatening emails apparently sent by far-right sympathisers to lawyers, politicians, journalists and even a pop star, prosecutors said.

German football club pays tribute to deceased neo-Nazi fan

Tributes by Chemnitzer FC to a self-professed neo-Nazi hooligan who died last week have led to a spate of departures from the German club.

German clubs condemn antisemitic tweets about Israeli player

German police began an investigation into an antisemitic tweet sent to Israeli football player Almog Cohen after he got a red card.

Germany struggles to stop Nazi war payment suspicions

A Belgian bid to stop Germany from paying pensions to alleged Nazi collaborators has caused an outcry over payments still made to 2,000 people worldwide.

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