Holocaust denier David Irving to be blacklisted in Lithuania

Lithuania is planning to blacklist infamous Holocaust denier and antisemite David Irving.

Genocide Research Institute in Lithuania publishes statement trivialising the Holocaust

Lithuanian Jews have expressed shock at a statement by a genocide research institute, which reportedly seeks to remove responsibility from the crimes committed by Lithuanian partisans in the Holocaust.

Lithuanian court rejects lawsuit against state honours for Nazi collaborator

A court in Lithuania dismissed a lawsuit against a state museum’s glorification of a Nazi collaborator, citing the plaintiff's “ill-based” intentions.

Lithuania rejects request to transfer remains of the Vilna Gaon

Lithuania said it has rejected a request from Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu to move the remains of the Vilna Gaon from Vilnius to Israel for reburial.

Lithuanian judge postpones trial over deceased Nazi collaborator

A Lithuanian judge postponed a precedent-setting trial in which civil servants intend to publicly defend in court the actions and good name of a deceased Nazi collaborator.

Lithuania defends Nazi collaborator accused of killing Jews

Lithuania’s 'Centre for the Study of the Genocide and Resistance of the Residents of Lithuania' defended a deceased collaborator with Nazi Germany who is accused of murdering Jews.

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