Belgian parliament backs inquiry into role of national railways in Holocaust deportations

Belgium’s parliament called on the government to launch an inquiry into the role of the national railway company in the deportations of Jews and Roma to Auschwitz.

Belgium decides to test its ban on kosher slaughter in European court

Belgium’s Constitutional Court ruled that a request to annul the ban on religious slaughter in Flanders and Wallonia must first be referred to the European Court of Justice.

Flemish party leader condemns Aalst carnival float

Bart de Wever, the leader of the Flemish Nationalist party N-VA, said that the antisemitic depiction of Jews in a carnival float in the town of Aalst was indefensible.

Belgian mayor defends antisemitic carnival float

The mayor of the Belgian city whose annual parade featured puppets of Jews and a rat atop money bags defended the display, telling local media that “In Aalst it should be allowed.”

Antwerp places stepping stones in memory of city’s Holocaust victims

The Belgian city of Antwerp has finally authorised the placing of stepping stones in memory of Jewish victims killed in the Holocaust.

Belgian Jews condemn antisemitic carnival float

Belgian Jewish organisations have expressed anger at a carnival float in the city of Aalst, which portrayed Jews with crooked noses and bags of money.

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