Recently-elected far-right Belgian MP charged with racism and Holocaust denial

A judge in the Belgian city of Gent has opened charges against a newly-elected MP from the far-right Vlaams Belang party for racism amd Holocaust revisionism.

Man armed with knives tried to enter Antwerp synagogue

A man armed with three knives who pretended to be Jewish attempted to enter an Antwerp synagogue before being apprehended.

Belgium drops case against cafe owner who welcomed dogs but not Jews

Prosecutors in Belgium dropped criminal complaints against a café owner who put up a sign banning Jews.

Activist of far-left party posts antisemitic image of Belgian PM

An activist of the Belgian far-left party PTB-PVDA published an image of Belgian PM with antisemitic connotations.

Belgian Jews condemn decision to acquit football fans who sang antisemitic chants

The Coordinating Committee of Belgain Jewish Organisations has condemned a decision to acquit fans of Club Brugge after the supporters made anti-Jewish and homophobic chants.

Brussels district names avenue after Simone Veil

The Brussels district of Anderlecht, once home to a large Jewish population, is to name an avenue after Simone Veil.

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