Yohan Benizri appointed EJC Vice-President

CCOJB President Yohan Benizri was appointed Vice-President of the EJC at a meeting of the Executive Committee held in Vienna on 21 November 2018.

Belgian trade union boss says Israel kills Palestinian children to harvest their organs

A university lecturer and senior executive of one of Belgium’s main trade unions wrote that Israel poisons Palestinians and kills their children for their organs.

Jewish woman threatened with firearm outside her home

A Jewish woman whose family has endured months of antisemitic intimidation in Belgium said a man pointed a gun at her outside her home.

Court orders EU civil servant to perform works for Jewish organisations after antisemitic comments

A civil servant at the European Commission has been found guilty of incitement to racial hatred and violence and ordered to perform works against antisemitic discrimination.

Belgium ends funding for Palestinian schools after honouring of terrorist

Belgium has broken its relations with the Palestinian Authority’s education ministry over its honouring of terrorists and will no longer fund the construction of its schools.

Belgium’s PM offers solidarity to country’s Jews at CCOJB gala dinner

Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel vowed to strengthen the fight against racism and antisemitism during the annual gala dinner of the CCOJB in Brussels.

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