Spanish island of Mallorca prepares for largest Jewish event in centuries

Jews on the island of Mallorca in Spain are preparing for a Limmud conference on learning, whose organisers say will be the largest Jewish event held there in centuries.

Spanish ultras display pictures of Anne Frank in rival team’s shirt

Pictures of Anne Frank wearing the Barcelona shirt were pasted around a stadium in Girona by ultras of visiting team Espanyol, an action which the club immediately condemned.

Spanish court rules city ban on Israeli festival unconstitutional

A Spanish judge recently ruled that a city’s cancellation of an Israeli film festival due to its support of the BDS movement violates the country’s constitution.

Spanish Jews appalled by appointment of Holocaust denier to head party list

The Jewish community of Spain is appalled by the announcement by the far-right party VOX that Holocaust denier Fernando Paz is to head the party list in the province of Albacete.

Local boycott against Israel to be challenged at Spain’s Supreme Court

The Spanish Supreme Court will consider an appeal against a local decision in the city of Gijón to declare itself a "Space free of Israeli Apartheid."

Spanish priest blames “powerful Jews” for cancellation of film event

Spanish priests whose church cancelled a planned projection of an anti-Israel film blamed the cancellation on threats on "the powerful Jews.”

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