News from Communities Bosnia-Herzegovina


Jewish leaders concerned after antisemitic graffiti found in Bosnia

Jewish leaders in Bosnia expressed concern over antisemitic graffiti, which appeared in the cities of Sarajevo and Tuzla.

Bosnian school named after antisemitic author criticises Israel

The Mustafa Busuladzic Elementary School in Sarajevo hit back at criticism of its new name on Thursday, saying that Israel “has no right to give moral lessons to others” because of the building of Jewish settlements”.

Bosnian Muslims, Jews and Christians chide politicians

Bosnia's religious leaders say politicians are standing in the way of peaceful co-existence between Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities trying to forgive and forget after the atrocities of a...

Baby boom for Sarajevo Jewish community

Jewish leaders in Sarajevo here recently noticed something that they say they hadn’t seen much of in years: babies. “We are a small community, so the challenge of maintaining the...

Bosnian Jews marking 450 years survival in Balkans country

Since arriving in Sarajevo in the mid-16th century, Jews have constantly had to manage the challenge of being a minority within a complex inter-ethnic puzzle in a region affected...

Sarajevo museum housing iconic Haggadah to re-open

Employees at Bosnia’s National Museum returned to work on Wednesday to prepare for the re-opening of the institution which was closed three years ago over a lack of funding. The...

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