Man holding poster of Jews being killed arrested at Latvia SS march

The march in Latvia is currently the only public event in Europe and beyond honouring those who fought under the banner of the SS.

Latvian lawmaker says Russian is the language of Zionism

The Deputy speaker of the Latvian Parliament, Alexander Kirshtejns, has labelled Russian “the language of international Zionism".

Latvian President admits local complicity in Nazi atrocities

Members of the Latvian parliament, rabbis and community leaders, heads of Jewish organisations and diplomats attended a ceremony on Thursday marking 75 years since the mass murder of Latvian...

German anti-fascists prevented from protesting pro-Nazi demonstration in Latvia

Several German anti-fascists were arrested in Latvia on Tuesday after arriving to protest an annual march by former Nazi collaborators and their supporters. The marchers, whose ranks included a number...

Latvian MP claims “clever Jews” undermining national security

Karlis Seržants, a high-ranking member of the Latvian Parliament or Saeima and part of the ruling coalition, on Thursday delivered a remarkable interview on Latvian public radio's LR4 Russian-language...

Far-right Latvian MPs to join annual SS veterans march in Riga

Latvian Waffen SS veterans and their supporters, including several members of parliament, are set to march in the capital Riga next Wednesday in an event that has become an...

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