Israeli reporters met with antisemitism and October 7 denial in Malmö ahead of Eurovision 2024

Antisemitism, spitting, threats and denial of October 7. This is what two Israeli reporters were met with on the streets of Malmö in Sweden as they visited the city ahead of this year’s Eurovision. 

Ohad Hemo and Elad Simchayoff from Israel’s Channel 12 visited a market in the Swedish town where they confronted Arab speaking workers about the war between Israel and Hamas.

“We want to slaughter Israel with a knife. Hamas slaughtered? You always turn a lie into truth. You are a people of lies. When Allah created you he did it on a lie. You don’t have the right to exist,” one man shouted at Hemo who speaks Arabic.

What happened on October 7 was “legitimate” added another man, claiming that “Hamas didn’t kill or rape. All of this is not true. It’s all a lie. Hamas took prisoners, I admit that.”

“Monkey and pigs have more respect than they do. Pigs are much better than Jews. If it were up to me, there would be no Jews left on this earth,” he added.

When they attended one of the pro-Palestinian rallies in the city, the reporters were spat on and threatened, with police having to protect them.

“I hope they kill you all,” shouted one of the demonstrators as the crowd were chanting against “genocide” in Gaza.


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