Ukraine historian honours Nazi collaborator

A senior state historian of Ukraine said that protests by Poland and Israel about his country’s glorification of Nazi collaborators was Russian propaganda.

Ukrainian ultra-nationalists set off smoke grenade outside synagogue

Ukrainian ultra-nationalists from the National Corps group set off smoke grenades in front of a synagogue in the city of Kharkiv.

Two ancient former synagogues destroyed in Poland and Ukraine

The 16th-century former synagogue of Pidhaitsy, a town in the west of Ukraine, collapsed as a result of heavy rains and neglect that eroded one of its supporting pillars.

Jewish Confederation of Ukraine launches first Kyiv Jewish Forum

The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine (JCU), the umbrella association of Ukraine’s Jewish organisations and the country’s EJC affiliate, launched its inaugural Kyiv Jewish Forum.

Ukraine asks to join international taskforce on Holocaust education

Ukraine has applied to join the world’s main international task force on Holocaust education.

Jewish comedian wins Ukrainian presidential election by landslide

Ukraine entered uncharted political waters after a comedian with no political experience won enough votes to become the next president of the country

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