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Dutch senator says Jews went like “docile lambs” to gas chambers

The Jewish people put up "very little resistance" in World War II, exacerbating the Holocaust, according to Toine Beukering, a 60-year-old former brigadier general in the Netherlands.

Dutch government makes fight against antisemitism national priority

The Dutch government has allocated 3 million euros towards fighting antisemitism — the first time the Netherlands has placed the fight on its list of national priorities.

Dutch health ministry says mohels are breaking the law

Some of the Netherlands’ most frequently used circumcisers of Jewish infant boys are breaking the law, the Dutch Health Ministry said.

Dutch animal party begins second effort to ban religious slaughter for meat

Despite opposition by the Dutch constitutional court, the animal party (PvdD) has filed its second bill seeking a ban on the slaughter of animals without stunning.

Jewish man assailed by Dutch football fans praising Nazis

A Jewish man, was verbally and physically assaulted on a national holiday known as Liberation Day, by a group of 50 men as police stood by.

Cartoon matzah character a flat-out success in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, where matzah for many non-Jews is a household item year-round, "Max Matzah" became an unlikely hit with the general population

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