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EJC Executive Member meets UN Rapporteur on freedom of religion

EJC Executive member Ruben Vis presented UN Special High Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion Dr. Ahmed Shaheed with the first copy of his essay on state neutrality in relation to religion.

Dutch BDS supporter triggers Israeli wine shopping craze

A tweet by a BDS supporter, meant to protest the sale of Israeli wine, prompted supporters of Israel to mount a social media reaction so successful that the wines sold out.

Jewish journalist’s Purim prank shocks the Netherlands

The editor of the Netherlands’ main Jewish weekly announced that she is leaving for Israel because of rising antisemitism, allowing the column to make waves before announcing it was an elaborate Purim prank.

Protestors with Palestinian flags turn backs on Dutch rabbi’s Christchurch eulogy

Demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags turned their backs on a Dutch chief rabbi during his eulogy at a vigil for Muslims killed in New Zealand.

Antisemitic incidents hit record high in the Netherlands

There was a 19 per cent increase in antisemitic incidents in the Netherlands in 2018, according to the Dutch community watchdog CIDI.

Dutch Greens endorse boycott of Israel

The Dutch Green Left Party became the Netherlands’ first mainstream political movement to endorse a boycott of Israel.

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