Front page of Polish newspaper runs piece on ‘how to spot a Jew’

A right-wing newspaper with national distribution in Poland ran on its front page an article that instructs readers on “how to recognise a Jew.”

Poland weighs exhumations at pogrom site

The Polish government is reconsidering whether to exhume human remains at a World War II-era site where Jews were burned alive by Polish neighbors.

Polish Council of Christians and Jews calls for responsible dialogue

The Polish Council of Christians and Jews has called for a "responsible look at the history of Polish-Jewish relations".

Poland PM cancels Israel trip after Netanyahu comments

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has cancelled a trip to Israel following alleged comments on the Holocaust by Binyamin Netanyahu.

Far-right Polish activists protest outside Auschwitz

Far-right Polish activists gathered outside the former Auschwitz death camp to protest the “non-inclusivity” of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Poland picks former hate group head to police internet

The man appointed by Poland to fight hate speech on the internet belonged to a group with racist and antisemitic views.

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