Poland picks former hate group head to police internet

The man appointed by Poland to fight hate speech on the internet belonged to a group with racist and antisemitic views.

Poland to map all Jewish cemeteries

The Polish government will map out all the Jewish cemeteries in the country and establish a computerised database with information about the people buried there.

Children in Poland topple Jewish gravestones

Three children overturned 15 gravestones at the Jewish cemetery in Opole, in south-western Poland.

Polish bookstore chain stops carrying books by author accused of antisemitism

The largest bookstore chain in Poland has stopped selling a book written by a nationalist former priest accused of antisemitism, after customers threatened it with a boycott over the weekend.

Polish leaders march with far-right groups to mark Independence Day

Polish leaders led an Independence Day march that included members of nationalist organisations, the first time Polish state officials have marched with the far-right groups.

Poland demotes prosecutor who tried to halt probe of Holocaust scholar

A Polish prosecutor who twice tried to halt the investigation into an article written by a Princeton University professor saying that Poles killed more Jews than Germans during World War II has been demoted.

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