Romanian Jews ask court to prevent sale of Siret Ark

Romanian Jewish leaders have filed a criminal complaint for fraud following the dismantling and removal of the Aron haKodesh of the synagogue in Siret.

Romanian court rules company discriminated against Jewish employee

A judge in Romania awarded 5,500 euros in damages to a Jewish man who sued his employer for not giving the claimant time off on Passover and humiliating him because of his ethnicity.

Romanian Government to consider moving embassy to Jerusalem

Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said that the Ministry has completed the analytical report on the potential relocation of Romania's Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and referred the document the PM.

Romania pays millions to Holocaust victims

Romanian Holocaust survivors have received $10 million in payments since 2015, according to the World Jewish Restitution Organisation.

Elie Wiesel’s childhood home in Romania daubed with antisemitic graffiti

The childhood home of Holocaust survivor, renowned author and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, Elie Wiesel, has been spray painted with antisemitic graffiti.

Romanian Minister of Agriculture compares incineration of pigs to the Holocaust

Romanian Minister of Agriculture Petre Daea compared the incineration of pigs to the Holocaust.

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