Bosnia and Herzegovina

First Bar-Mitzvah in years takes place at Sarajevo Synagogue

The Sarajevo Synagogue saw its first Bar-Mitzvah after many years, when a 13-years-old Sarajevan reached his religious adulthood and became a full-fledged member of a Jewish community which for decades saw a decline in membership.

City of Zenica returns synagogue to Bosnian Jewish community

The City Council of Zenica has voted unanimously to return the city's synagogue to the Jewish community of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Flory Jagoda, champion of Sephardic music, passes away at 97

Flory Jagoda, the Bosnian-American composer and interpreter of Ladino songs, passed away on January 29, 2021. She was 97.

Sarajevo Purim marked by exhibition at city hall

The opening of the exhibition and the promotion of the book by Eli Tauber marked the “Sarajevo Purim” at the City Hall in the Bosnian capital.

Senior Catholic clergyman to go forward with memorial mass for Nazi collaborators

Cardinal Vinko Puljić, Bosnia’s most senior Catholic clergyman, plans to go forward with hosting a memorial service for Croatian civilians and soldiers of the Nazi-allied Ustasha forces.

Bosnian Jewish leaders express ‘deep hurt and disbelief’ at fascist commemoration in Sarajevo

The head of the Bosnian Jewish Community, Jakob Finci, and the head of the Jewish Community of Sarajevo, Boris Kozemjakin, expressed their deep hurt and disbelief following an announcement by the Bosnian Catholic Church that a mass will be held in memory of facists killed at Bleiburg in 1945.

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