Jerusalem Post: “European Jewish organizations call on all parties in Israel to pursue dialogue over conflict”

Two major Jewish European organizations released a statement, calling Israeli politicians to promote dialogue during this sensitive political situation of the judicial reforms.

“As representatives of the leading Diaspora organizations in Europe and in affirming our unwavering affiliation and commitment to the security and welfare of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state based on the principles of its Declaration of Independence, we express our deep concern and sadness as we witness the current sharp divisions in Israel and the subsequent threat this has on the unity of the Jewish People and the security of our one Jewish State,” the statement by the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and Conference of European Rabbis (CER) said.

The statement was signed by Dr. Ariel Muzicant, president of the EJC and Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the CER.

Threats that Israel are facing

“At a time when Iran continues to threaten Israel’s very existence, as violence and terror spread across Israel and as Hezbollah exploits internal division to strike across the northern border, we call upon leaders from all sides of the political spectrum to tone down the heated rhetoric, to negotiate on a basis of shared values and to seek that which unites rather than divides.

“The existence of Jewish life in the diaspora is very much tied to what is happening inside Israel and the internal divisions, which affect Israeli society, have direct ramifications to the Jewish communities in the diaspora.

“Many times in our history, internal division and animosity has represented the greatest threat to our survival as a nation. Those that seek Israel’s destruction can only find succour and support through this division. We cannot and must not allow the 2,000 year-old dream of the Jewish People, for which so many sacrificed their lives to bring about, to be placed in peril.”

The organizations call “for all sides to push back from the brink and to seek solutions based on non-violence, justice and collective responsibility towards all the citizens of Israel.”
They signed the statement in the name of 42 communities, “representing 2 million Jews in Europe,” and added that “we cannot stay silent when our common future is at stake.”

The EJC called on its constituents to join the CER and designate Wednesday, the 29th of the month of Adar, the 22nd of March, as a day of prayer and reflection, to pray for peace in Jerusalem.”


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