Italian police investigate antisemitic posters at football clubs

Italian police are investigating after supporters AS Roma allegedly distributed antisemitic leaflets to coincide with the anniversary of bitter city rivals Lazio.

Plaques honouring Rome’s deported Jews stolen

Rome's mayor, Catholic groups and politicians joined Italy's Jewish community in denouncing the theft of 20 small bronze plaques honoring a Jewish family deported during the Holocaust.

Rome mayor to rename streets which honour fascists

Rome will rename a series of streets currently christened after fascists who backed antisemitic laws during the dictatorship of Benito Mussolini.

Auschwitz memorial wants to prosecute Italian neo-fascist

An Italian far-right militant who sported an "Auschwitzland" T-shirt is being referred to the Polish prosecutor's office for "promotion of Nazi ideology" and "insulting the Auschwitz Memorial".

Italy plans to reduce Holocaust survivors’ pension funds

A storm erupted in Italy on Sunday when a newspaper reported that the populist government was planning to cut its monthly stipend for victims of political and racial discrimination.

Last survivor of 1943 Rome ghetto raid dies

Lello Di Segni, the last survivor of the 1943 raid on Rome's Jewish Ghetto district to deport Jews to Nazi extermination camps, has died in Rome aged 92.

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