EJC rejects claims accusing incoming EU Council President António Costa of antisemitism

The EJC and its Portuguese affiliate, the Jewish Community of Lisbon, express their absolute rejection of attempts to impute antisemitic intent to the Costa government's actions in tightening regulations on the granting of Portuguese citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews.

EJC meets with EU Presidency to discuss preconditions of resuming aid to the Palestinian Authority

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) met on Tuesday, September 19th with the...

EJC meets with EU Presidency to discuss preconditions of resuming aid to the Palestinian Authority

The EJC met on Tuesday, September 19th with the Presidency of the European Union, the Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, to ensure that certain preconditions are met before the EU resumes aid to the Palestinian Authority

EJC Calls for Immediate Implementation of UN Resolution 1559

Following the worrying situation in the Middle East, the European Jewish Congress calls on European leaders to implement UN Resolution 1559, which calls for the disbanding of all Lebanese militias, including Hezbollah. The EJC has addressed a letter to this effect to Parliament members from all twenty-five European Union members states

EJC Urges Croatia to Adopt Harsher Penalties for Anti-Semitism

The European Jewish Congress President Pierre Besnainou called on Croatia this Wednesday to adopt severe laws against anti-Semitism after recent incidents in which local Jews were targeted

EJC Condemns Anti-Semitic Radio Station in Poland

The European Jewish Congress strongly condemns the latest anti-Semitic provocations coming from Radio Maryja, a well-known and established outlet for spreading hate against Jews, and for promulgating extremist ideology

EJC Condemns Invitation of Hamas to the Council of Europe

The European Jewish Congress is shocked to learn that the Sub-Committee on the Middle East of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly, presided by President Stef Goris and Vice-President Mikhail Margelov, has taken the initiative to invite delegates from Hamas to a Parliamentary Assembly meeting next week from April 10-13

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Events & Meetings

EJC Director of European Affairs addresses FRA event on the release of its third survey on antisemitism

EJC Director of European Affairs spoke about how the concerning findings of the 2023 survey relate to the experiences of Jewish communities in Europe, amid the dramatic rise of antisemitism both online and offline, even before the Hamas massacre of 7 October.