EJC Calls for Immediate Implementation of UN Resolution 1559

{Following the worrying situation in the Middle East, the European Jewish Congress calls on European leaders to implement UN Resolution 1559, which calls for the disbanding of all Lebanese militias, including Hezbollah. The EJC has addressed a letter to this effect to Parliament members from all twenty-five European Union members states}

Dear Parliament Member,

In May 2000, Israel unilaterally completed its withdrawal from the south of Lebanon in, accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 425. A year ago, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon carried out his Gaza disengagement plan – both of these initiatives were carried out by Israel in order to guarantee peace with its Arab and Palestinian neighbours.

The Lebanese government and the Palestinian Authority were given a golden opportunity to take control from extremists in these areas by establishing terror-free zones.

Yet the inverse has happened. Hezbollah and Hamas have consolidated their power in these regions, using them as a base to launch terrorist attacks against Israel as well as the recent abduction of IDF soldiers on Israeli soil.

The European Parliament did pass a resolution in March 2005 urging for UN Security Council Resolution 1559 to be implemented, which calls for the disbanding of all Lebanese militias, including Hezbollah. This courageous act deserves to be replicated by national Parliaments throughout Europe.

Europe must now play a vital role now in securing long-term peace in the region by :
– Calling for the release of the IDF soldiers captive in Gaza and in Lebanon
– Demanding for the disbanding of the terrorist group Hezbollah
– Pressuring Lebanon to re-establish its sovereignty by deploying its army in South Lebanon

Both Hezbollah and Hamas are supported, financed, trained and armed by the Iranian and Syrian governments, two governments that are committed to thwarting Israel’s plans for a lasting peace in the region.

The European Jewish Congress strongly urges European governments to act quickly to ensure that sanctions – both economic and diplomatic – are imposed on these two regimes that support terror, undermine peace efforts, and pose a grave threat to the free world.

Israel, as a democracy, has the right and obligation to defend its citizens and remove a terrorist threat that is committed to its destruction.

We remind you that Europe has an equal obligation to combat terrorism in all forms.


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