Pro-Palestine demonstrators ‘spat and spewed antisemitic remarks’ at counter-protesters in University College London 

Demonstrators at a pro-Palestinian encampment set up outside University College London allegedly spat at a group of counter-protesters and told them to “go back to Poland” in an instance of antisemitism.

UCL students have pitched tents near the main campus building to show their opposition to the institution’s position on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Around 100 Palestinian supporters, many of whom were not students, banged drums and waved flags outside the university while chanting “free Palestine” over a megaphone.

In response, a group of around 50 Israel-supporting demonstrators, attended as part of a counter-protest.

Despite the police presence, a small group left the Pro-Palestinian crowd and subjected the counter-demonstrators to abuse and antisemitic chants.

Video footage shows a woman, not believed to be a student, holding a Palestinian scarf seemingly shouting “Long life to Hamas”.

Another clip, posted on social media, shows a man spitting on the ground in front of the counter-protesters before being moved on by police.

Scotland Yard said the man who had spat at the group was later arrested, along with four other people.

In relation to the video of the female protester, a spokesman said: “An investigation has been launched into this matter and enquiries are ongoing.”


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