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British minister urges universities to stamp out antisemitism on campus

Universities must do more to stamp out antisemitism on campus following reports of unfair practices that could amount to indirect discrimination, the Britain’s Universities Minister said.

Whistleblowers collect 100,000 emails to expose UK Labour’s attempts to protect antisemites

Ex-UK Labour staffers are preparing to expose 100,000 emails that show Jeremy Corbyn's team protected those accused of antisemitism.

British police to intervene if Hezbollah flags flown on London Al-Quds Day march

London’s Metropolitan Police has said it "fully intends to intervene" if Hezbollah flags are flown at next month's Al Quds Day march, now that both wings of the terror group are proscribed in Britain.

Swastika painted on building of Jewish Brexit party candidate

British police are investigating after a Jewish candidate standing for the Brexit party at the European elections had a 10 metre swastika painted on his company’s building in east London.

Brexit party leader under fire for antisemitic tropes on far-right US show

Nigel Farage is facing criticism from Jewish organisations after he took part in interviews during which he discussed conspiracy theories, some of which have been linked to antisemitism.

UK Labour Party now facing 15,000 page dossier on antisemitism claims

British antisemitism campaigners have compiled a major dossier alleging that “appalling levels of racism” within the Labour Party have not been dealt with properly.

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