EJC General Assembly meets with Minister Karoline Edtstadler at the Federal Chancellery in Vienna

Members of EJC General Assembly delegation met with the Federal Minister for the EU and the Constitution Karoline Edtstadler in the Federal Chancellery in Vienna.

EJC President Dr Ariel Muzicant thanked her and the Austrian government on behalf of European Jewish communities for their support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people in these difficult times.

The EJC acknowledged her long-standing commitment to the fight against antisemitism and the safeguarding of Jewish citizens and institutions both in Austria and across Europe.

Federal Minister Edtstadler told the EJC delegation, “The current wave of antisemitism, which emanated from the brutal attack by the terror organization Hamas on October 7, has not spared our Jewish communities in Austria and elsewhere in Europe. Those who spread slogans such as ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ really only have one thing in mind – the annihilation of Israel.”

“The security of Israel and Jews worldwide is non-negotiable,” she added.

Credits of the picture: IKG/Schmidl