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Jerusalem Post: “European Jewish organizations call on all parties in Israel to pursue dialogue over conflict”

Two major Jewish European organizations released a statement, calling Israeli politicians to promote dialogue during this sensitive political situation of the judicial reforms.

Jewish News Syndicate: “Barcelona boycotts Israel”

“We’re saddened and outraged by the announcement of the mayor of Barcelona to temporarily suspend relations between the Catalan capital and Israel, including the twinning agreement with Tel Aviv,” the European Jewish Congress tweeted. “The act is no doubt motivated by deep-seated anti-Israel bias.”

New York Times: “The U.S. and Israel condemn Lavrov’s comments on the Holocaust”

Ariel Muzicant, the president of the European Jewish Congress, an organization that represents Jewish groups across the continent, said in a statement that Mr. Lavrov’s remarks were “Holocaust distortion at its most basic level.”

La Stampa: “La folle dichiarazione di Lavrov: “Gli Occidentali contro la Russia come Hitler con ebrei”

Stupore e condanna per le parole di Lavrov anche dal presidente del Congresso ebraico europeo, Ariel Muzicant.

Jewish News Syndicate: “Jewish groups slam Barcelona for mulling end to twinning agreement with Tel Aviv”

Pro-Israel groups are calling on authorities in Barcelona not to end the longstanding twinning of their city with Tel Aviv, with the European Jewish Congress (EJC) attributing the consideration of such a move to “deep-seated anti-Israel bias.”

El Debate: “Lavrov vuelve a desatar la ira de la comunidad judía con nuevas declaraciones antisemitas”

Ante las declaraciones antisemitas de Lavrov, el European Jewish Congress (EJC) difundió un comunicado en el que expresa «su conmoción y preocupación tras los comentarios del ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de la Federación Rusa".

Newsweek: “Russia Compares U.S., Western Allies to Hitler”

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) was also "appalled" by Lavrov's comments. EJC President Dr. Ariel Muzicant said this is not the first time Lavrov has references Holocaust and Hitler.

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EJC calls on Israeli government to suspend judicial reform, restore calm and dialogue

The European Jewish Congress expresses its deep concern at the latest developments in Israel and calls upon all sections of Israeli society to restore calm and dialogue.