SASCE Project: Safety and Security Guides

The Security and Crisis Centre by the European Jewish Congress (SACC by EJC) together with the Conference of European Churches, the European Buddhist Union, and Faith Matters Europe have joined their expertise to offer three guides that aim to give the necessary knowledge to ensure the security of places of worship and other sites related to faith communities, such as museums or schools.

There are three different guides:

– The “Guide to law enforcement” aims to strengthen security awareness, trust and cooperation between civil society and national authorities and facilitate effective communication channels between community leadership and public law enforcement

– The guide “Protect your Community” aims to give basic and applicable tools to community leaders and employees of places of worship to improve and increase their security awareness, level of protection and resilience capabilities.

– This Guide “Protect my Community” aims to give basic and applicable tools to worshippers to improve and increase their level of protection and their resilience capabilities.

Please find here the three guides in different languages.

SASCE is a multi-layered project to dramatically increase security in and around places of worship, as well as within and between Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish communities. Building and expanding on the good practices recommended by the Commission for the protection of public spaces, but also relying on the knowledge and expertise of well-organized communities and security groups.


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