Israeli reporter interrupted with antisemitic slurs during broadcast at Capitol

A live broadcast from the US Capitol chaos by the chief Washington correspondent of Israel’s Channel 13 news, Gil Tamary, was interrupted by an agitator who used antisemitic slurs.

The protester, dressed in all black and holding a GoPro camera, stepped in front of Tamary’s camera mid-broadcast.

“I occupy this space, ok?” the protester said after Tamary asked him to move away, a possible allusion to Israel’s military control over the West Bank.

“I don’t represent… the Israeli government,” Tamary responded.

“I wanna know why…what is a goy? What is a goy? Tell us what a goy is,” the agitator continued.

“I don’t know,” said Tamary.

“Yes you do, you lying Israeli. They play the pilpul game.”

Pilpul, a method of Talmudic analysis, has been appropriated by anti-Semites in recent years, including neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, who uses it in his publication The Daily Stormer to suggest that Jews are nefarious liars.

“You are all goy. Goy are cattle. You are cattle today,” the agitator continued, a possible reference to the cattle cars used to transport Jews to Nazi death camps during the Holocaust.

As Tamary and his co-anchor speak in Hebrew and try to regain control of the broadcast, the agitator stepped fully into frame, seen wearing sunglasses and a helmet.

“Thank you Mark. Thank you very much for being with us,” Tamary said as the agitator walks away.


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