The Israeli Embassy in Cameroon has frowned at antisemitic comments used by a Cameroonian government official on state television.

Cameroon’s Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice Jean De Dieu Momo compared the current impasse between the regime in place and the Cameroon Renaissance Movement to that of Hitler and Jews in Germany.

During the programme, De Dieu Momo said: “In Germany, there was a community that was very rich, who had all the economic levers, they were the Jews and they were very arrogant (…) while the Germans felt frustrated, then one day Adolf Hitler came to power and put these people in a gas chamber (…).”

In a strongly worded communiqué, the Israeli Embassy in Cameroon condemned the Minister’s statement.

“These antisemitic remarks which come just a week after the world and Cameroon took part in the commemoration of the International Holocaust Rememberance Day, are a great disappointment in view of the friendly bilateral relations that exist between Cameroon and Israel… which supports the people of Cameroon in all areas,” the Israeli Embassy in Cameroon said.

“The Embassy of Israel in Cameroon is outraged by the comments which so lightly depict such a sad and tragic history of humanity, which distorts the image of the relations between our two peoples – strongly condemns these words and expects an apology and will monitor the steps taken,” the Embassy said.