The Israeli military released footage from a cross-border attack tunnel that it said was dug some 40 meters into Israeli territory from southern Lebanon.

The video showed the 2×2-meter (6×6-foot) tunnel, complete with a ventilation system, electrical wiring, and communication lines. It was dug from under a house in the Lebanese village of Kafr Kila, across from the Israeli town of Metulla.

The army said the tunnel was approximately 200 meters long and some 25 meters deep, and was significantly larger than most of the tunnels dug by the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

According to the IDF, the tunnel took over two years to excavate — due to the harsh terrain under the border — and contained electrical and communication lines as well as ventilation.

It said the tunnel was the “first of what are sure to be many” cross-border attack tunnels dug by the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group, as it launched a new operation dubbed “Northern Shield” to find and destroy the offensive subterranean passages from Lebanon, which the army said are not yet operational and do not present an immediate threat to Israelis.

In a tweet in English, the army added that the tunnel was dug “with the intention of harming Israeli civilians.”

An illustrative map provided by the IDF indicated that the tunnel entered Israeli territory between the communities of Metulla and Misgav Am.

“The tunnel crossed into Israeli territory, but did not present an immediate threat to residents of the area,” the army said.