Israeli companies and researchers received 423 grants from Horizon 2020, the EU’s largest research and innovation programme in 2018, the Israel Innovation Authority said in a statement.

This brings the total worth of grants given by Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme to 742 million euros ($834 million), allocated to 1,062 Israeli projects and firms since the fund was set up in 2014. The Horizon 2020 program has made almost 80 billion euros of funds available over seven years, through 2020, to research programmes by participant nations.

The EU Delegation to Israel, together with the Israel-Europe Research and Innovation Directorate (ISERD) and the Israel Innovation Authority, celebrated the scientific cooperation under the Horizon 2020 programme with an awards ceremony on June 4 at the Peres Center for Research and Innovation in Jaffa.

Horizon 2020 is part of the EU’s efforts to boost international cooperation in research and innovation, a strategic priority for the union. It allows for tackling global societal challenges more effectively, creates business opportunities, and makes scientific diplomacy part Europe’s foreign policy.

Israel has been a partner in the EU’s research and innovation framework programmes since 1996 and was the first non-European country to join it. Over the years, the EU-Israel partnership has strengthened Israeli academic and industrial excellence, led to investments in research infrastructure, and enabled long-term, innovative research, the statement said.

The deal over Israel’s participation in the Horizon 2020 research partnership programme was initially held up over EU guidelines on funding for programmes and companies in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The sides eventually agreed that a clause would be added to the pact stating that Israel does not accept the EU’s definition of territory beyond the 1967 lines.