Photo: (c) Jüdisches Forum für Demokratie und gegen Antisemitismus e.V.

The Chair of the European Parliament Working Group on Antisemitism (EP-WGAS) Heinz K Becker MEP (Austria, EPP) condemns the wave of antisemitic attacks that have taken place across Europe following President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, or any other political issue, can never serve as justification for antisemitic attacks on Jewish communities,” said Becker, “the violent incidents of last week in Berlin, Gothenburg and Vienna are unacceptable. When people shout for the murder of Jews and this is regarded as peaceful protest, and when young people have to hide in the basement of a synagogue due to arson attacks from an angry mob, it is time to take this issue seriously.”

“We need to take a holistic approach to the fight against antisemitism. There is a fundamental need for qualified specialists who can coordinate these efforts. Therefore, all EU Member States need to appoint national coordinators on combatting antisemitism. After all, it is the responsibility of national governments to provide security for all its citizens, and this also includes Jewish communities.”