Israel is set to host the D9 International Digital Forum for the first time. Held simultaneously in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv from the 19-21 of November, each of the nine participating countries present notable national projects as well as their plans and hopes for a digital future.

The forum will be led by the Israel’s Minister of Social Equality and Member of Knesset Gila Gamliel.

“[I am] overjoyed for the right to represent the State of Israel and the Israeli government as president of D9 Forum and host of the annual conference, shaping the course of tomorrow’s world,” Gamliel said. “Israel is located at the forefront of the digital power technology in the world. We are harnessing technology while also encouraging growth, improving government services and reducing social inequalities [in the process].”

At the forum, Gamliel will launch a new Israeli-founded platform for online education called “Campus” with the hopes of releasing it nationwide, as well as a national plan for digitising Israel, simply named “Digital Israel.”

Members of the digital forum include Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Estonia, South Korea and Israel – while Mexico and Portugal will be entering into the collection of countries this week.

Major events of the forum include panels discussing Israeli innovations, including smart cities, digital education, digital health, digital economics, ethical issues and the digital transformation.