UK Labour releases video for minority groups but does not include Jews

Britain’s Labour Party has stumbled into a fresh charge of antisemitism after releasing a campaign video in which it claimed to value every identity group, but forgot to include Jews.

The glossy video features a montage of British people of almost every ethnic background and religion, while a voice over lists off a wide variety of minority identities including LGBTQ+, disabled and Asian.

“If you wear a hijab, turban, cross, if you are black, white, Asian, if you are disabled, if you are old, if you are young, if you don’t have a trust fund, if you didn’t go to Oxbridge, if you are working class,” the voice over intones, “a Labour government will value you.”

“You’re a party being investigated by the EHRC over claims of institutional antisemitism. Your latest response is to release a video assuring pretty much every other group which faces discrimination that you’re here for them. But not Jews. Subtle,” tweeted Daniel Sugarman, Public Affairs Officer for the Board of Deputies of British Jews – the country’s EJC affiliate.

“Why not just end off with a postscript reading ‘Not you, Jews’?” he quipped.


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