Holocaust-denying music teacher given longer in prison

An antisemitic campaigner who once compared Auschwitz to a ‘theme park’ saw her jail sentence increased to 32 weeks after she lost her appeal.

Alison Chabloz-Tyrer, 57, was convicted of using ‘grossly offensive terminology’ on a US podcast and had been handed a suspended prison sentence in May 2018.

Chabloz-Tyrer then denied but was convicted of sending further grossly offensive comments on a public communications network at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

She was sentenced to 18 weeks jail in April this year and appealed against her conviction at Southwark Crown Court.

On losing her appeal, the 57-year-old has had her sentence increased from 18 weeks to 32 weeks after a judge activated part of the suspended prison sentence for prior offences.
The blogger stated that the Holocaust is used as an ‘eternal cash cow,’ and that Hitler wanted the Jews out of Europe for behaving ‘in a certain fashion as we’re seeing again today’.

She asserted that the gas chambers were not ‘homicidal,’ but used ‘to save lives from typhus epidemics’.

She had made six ‘grossly offensive’ comments on far-right podcast ‘Realist Radio’ and ‘The Graham Hart Show’.

Chabloz-Tyrer was convicted of three charges for posting offensive songs about the Holocaust and handed a suspended jail sentence in May 2018.

In the songs, the music teacher who refers to herself a ‘historical revisionist’, sings: ‘Did the Holocaust ever happen? ‘Was it just a bunch of lies? Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes.’

She said Auschwitz is ‘a theme park just for fools’ and ‘the gassing zone, a proven hoax, indoctrination rules.’


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