English Man goes on trial accused of distributing ‘racist and antisemitic’ podcasts

A man accused of setting up a “highly racist” and “highly antisemitic” podcast station called Radio Aryan has gone on trial.

James Allchurch, 50, of Church House, Gelli, Pembrokeshire, appeared at Swansea Crown Court accused of 15 counts of distributing a sound recording stirring up racial hatred.

The charges relate to audio files which were uploaded on or before May 17 2019 to on or before March 18 2021 to a website called Radio Aryan, which was later renamed Radio Albion.

The episodes are said to have been “insulting or abusive” about ethnic minorities, often uploaded along with inflammatory cartoons and given titles such as Rivers Of Blood, Banned In The UK, the Leftist Supremacist Mindset, and the Usual Suspects.

Prosecutor Ian Wright said it was the Crown’s case that Allchurch was responsible for distributing the audio recordings, was the owner of the website and the main host, despite often being joined by co-hosts and guests such as the founder of National Action, Alex Davies.

In previous hearings, Allchurch asked to be referred to by his podcast name, “Sven Longshanks”.

The name is said to be a reference to King Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks, who was responsible for expelling Jews from England in 1290.

Mr Wright told the jury: “These recordings are insulting or abusive and were distributed with intent to stir up racial hated.

“It’s the case for the prosecution that this defendant was responsible for the creation of these audio files, which were highly racist and highly antisemitic in nature.

Several of the podcast episodes were dedicated to talking about Jewish people and claims they are controlling the media, banks and TV and film industries.


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