British Labour party sends out Passover greeting with bread drawing

The UK Labour Party, already deeply embroiled in an antisemitism scandal, tried to reach out to Jews with a Passover greeting, only to have the effort compound its woes.

The greeting, posted on Twitter by London Labour, wished a “Happy Passover from everyone at Labour,” but was illustrated with a glass of wine and a loaf of bread.

One of the central laws of Passover is that Jews are prohibited from eating leavened products, most notably bread.

The Passover custom of eating only unleavened products commemorates the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, which, according to the Bible, took place so quickly that they did not have time for their bread to rise.

“Which major political party would include a picture of bread in their Passover message? Passover being a festival in which bread is forbidden to Jews. Yep, you guessed it. Labour,” wrote Philip Rosenberg, public affairs director of the Board of Deputies.

“If only we Jews could understand irony we’d realise how ironic it was for Labour to wish us a happy Passover using a loaf of bread for illustration — when one of the unshakeable tenets of the festival is that we don’t eat bread during it. Thanks for the thought…. Sigh,” wrote journalist Sarah Ebner.

She was referring to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s inflammatory assertion, which caused a stir last year, that British Zionists “don’t understand English irony.”


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