British communities minister vows to tackle parts of local government corrupted by antisemitism

Britain’s Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has vowed to take action against universities and “parts of local government” who he says have become “corrupted” by antisemitism.

Highlighting the Jewish background of his wife and her family the minister said: “I never thought I’d have to explain to my three daughters, their great grandchildren, that anti-Jewish racism is on the rise in our country.

“That I would walk them into their synagogue, past parents providing protection in stab proof vests.”

Jenrick, who is not Jewish himself, directed his attack at the universities who receive public money but “choose not to accept our IHRA definition of antisemitism and use it when considering matters such as disciplinary procedures”.

Writing in the Sunday Express, he added: “I will use my position as Secretary of State to write to all universities and local authorities to insist that they adopt the IHRA definition at the earliest opportunity.

“Failure to act in this regard is unacceptable and I will be picking up the phone to Vice Chancellors and local government leaders to press for action, if none is forthcoming.

A close ally of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Jenrick also attacked Labour over its record on antisemtism saying Jeremy Corbyn was unfit to be PM.

The Government confirmed it was making an extra £100,000 of funding available for an Antisemitism Policy Trust initiative on tackling online hate.

The money will support the development of short, educative videos to counter, debunk, and undermine the proliferation of hateful antisemitic material online.


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