At least 30 Labour parliamentary candidates at UK General Election are linked to antisemitism claims

At least 30 Labour candidates at the UK General Election have been linked to the deepening antisemitism scandal in the party.

Nineteen of the election hopefuls are first-time candidates, with half of them having faced claims directly.

Six of those under the microscope are backbench MPs who are vying for reelection on Thursday.

There are other backbenchers who have been criticised for defending those peddling antisemitism conspiracy theories.

And four candidates have been axed by Labour following antisemitism-related issues since the election was announced.

Yet nine candidates have been accused or told to apologise for remarks, six have backed peers facing allegations and four have tried to hush antisemitism claims.

The full extent of vicious anti-Jewish racism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party was laid bare in a bombshell document last week.

A leaked 50-page submission to Britain’s equalities watchdog detailed the extraordinary litany of vile abuse faced by Jewish members at Labour Party meetings.

It concluded the Labour Party was ‘no longer a safe space for Jewish people or for those who stand up against antisemitism’.


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