The Tunisian city of Sousse has decided to name four streets for local prominent Jews.
According to the report, the municipality will recognise Claude Sitbon, a lawyer; Daniel Uzan, a physician; Yvonne Bessis, a midwife; and the Ghouila-Houri and Ichoua families of city developers.

The streets are located in a new neighbourhood of villas in the city’s north.
Tunisia, which had a Jewish population of 140,000 prior to Israel’s creation in 1948, now has a dwindling community of 1,700 Jews, the second largest of any Arab country after Morocco’s 3,000 Jews.

The Tunisian Association for Support to Minorities, or ATSM, which often flags expressions of antisemitism, praised the Sousse municipality’s move and called it “important for encouraging multiculturalism.”