Dutch newspaper slammed for antisemitic cartoon suggesting Netanyahu behind Labour scandal

A major Dutch daily ran a caricature which reinforces antisemitic tropes and suggests that Israel’s prime minister is attacking Britain’s Labour Party over antisemitism to distract from corruption charges against him.

In the caricature in De Volkskrant, Binyamin Netanyahu is depicted holding a stone labeled “antisemitism charges” in one hand and reading an “indictment for corruption” in the other.

Opposite the Israeli leader is Jeremy Corbyn, who heads the Labour Party, which is under an investigation by the British government’s Equality and Human Rights Commission over complaints that Corbyn’s and his politics and actions have made it institutionally antisemitic.

Corbyn says: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone,” an utterance attributed to Jesus in the New Testament.

Netanyahu has rarely referenced Corbyn publicly and has not spoken out about antisemitism in Labour.

The Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel, a Dutch-Jewish watchdog group on antisemitism, called the caricature’s statement “absurd” and said that British Jews, not Netanyahu, are the ones making allegations of antisemitism against Corbyn.

“Jews have a right to speak out against antisemitism. The fact that an indictment was filed against the Israeli prime minister is irrelevant,” the centre wrote. It also said the caricature “reaffirms the antisemitic stereotype that Jews are more loyal to Israel than countries where they live.”

Volkskrant caricaturist Jos Collignon defended the work, linking the watchdog group’s criticism to Dutch Jewry’s trauma from the Holocaust — the centre did not mention the genocide — and labeling it an attempt to prevent supporters of Palestinian rights from speaking out.

“When allegations of antisemitism occur, the Israel lobby is never far behind,” Collignon said. “I think you’ll never understand this is the behaviour of victims. There is no point linking modern-day opponents to atrocities from the past. We’re all being labeled as Nazi sympathisers.”


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