Dutch museum prevents Nazi glorification on social media

A museum in the Netherlands has banned visitors from taking pictures of an exhibition on design during the Third Reich to prevent any Nazi glorification on social media.

The Design Museum Den Bosch also put extra security in each room of the “Design of the Third Reich” exhibit.

Among the items on display are a Volkswagen Beetle, photos from the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, films by director Leni Riefenstahl and a sculpture by Arno Breker, one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite artists.

On its website, the museum says the exhibition is aimed at showing the “contribution of design to the development of the evil Nazi ideology.”

The exhibit has been criticized by the Association of Dutch Anti-fascists. Members of the local Communist party held a protest near the museum’s entrance as it opened.

Timo de Rijk, the museum’s director, said he assured the protesters the exhibit would not glorify the Nazis.

“They are concerned that maybe we are glorifying it all. I would not be doing this if I thought we were, but I can understand that they are aware of that kind of evil in history,” he said.

De Rijk also said he was not aware of plans by either far-right or far-left figures to visit the museum.

“From the start we explain that this was a racist ideology and that the party’s aim was to establish a racist volk culture. The exhibition has the feel of a documentary,” he said.

Though the exhibit includes items on loan from the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin and the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, neither partnered with the Den Bosch museum due to the sensitivity of the issue.


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