2022 IHRA plenary held in Stockholm

Around 300 experts, researchers, diplomats and politicians from around the world gathered in Stockholm for the 2022 IHRA plenary to cooperate on Holocaust research and education.

As President of the IHRA, Sweden is hosting the international Plenary Session with a focus on following through on the promises of the 2021 Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism.

“There are very few remaining Holocaust survivors who can share their experiences with us. We need international collaboration, dialogue and education for remembrance, and to counter the antisemitic and antidemocratic forces that are growing around the world,” says Minister for Culture Jeanette Gustafsdotter.

Sweden is President of the IHRA, an intergovernmental organisation comprising 35 Member Countries working together for Holocaust remembrance, research and education.

The primary focus of Sweden’s Presidency is to follow up on the commitments made by 60 delegations at the Malmö Forum and to strengthen the IHRA as an organisation.

Ensuring that the commitments made at the Malmö Forum are kept, and to shore up continued engagement and international collaboration for Holocaust Remembrance were among the priorities of the meeting.


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