Spanish-speaking Jewish communities worldwide demand Royal Spanish Academy to remove derogatory definition of “Jew”

The Spanish-speaking Jewish communities worldwide requested the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) to remove the definition of “Jew” as “avaricious or usurious person” from the dictionary of the Spanish language.

They consider it an offensive definition that portrays a community in derogatory and discriminatory terms, not reflecting the current usage of the Spanish language in the Spanish-speaking community, where respect and the promotion of diversity and multiculturalism are paramount.

The removal of the definition of “Jew” as “avaricious or usurious person” is requested, as well as the definition of “judiada” as “a dirty trick.”

The primary location of the Real Academia de la Lengua Española is in Spain, where it holds the responsibility of regulating the language within the country.

However, its impact goes beyond Spain as it is acknowledged as the language authority, for all Spanish-speaking nations. There are a total of 23 countries where Spanish is recognized as the official language and these countries are all considered part of the Spanish-speaking community.

Therefore while the Real Academia de la Lengua Española is based in Spain, its influence and authority encompass all Spanish-speaking nations.


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