Melilla Community resumes its peregrination to burial site of Rabbi Saadia el Daty

After four years, the Jewish Community of Melilla resumed its traditional pilgrimage to the burial site of Rabbi Saadia El Daty in Nador.

The peregrination was made with the presence of the Dayan Elimelech Vanzetta of the Rabbinical Court of Spain.

The Melilla Jewish Community was able to enjoy the peregrination in a good atmosphere, with a lot of spirituality and raising prayers before the tomb of this great rabbi.

The president of the community Mordejay Guahnich thanked both the Spanish and Moroccan authorities for “all the help they have shown”.

It should also be noted that the Vice-Ministry of Youth and Citizen Participation has recently signed a nominative subsidy agreement with the Jewish Community of Melilla for an amount of 120,000 euros.

Specifically, this grant aims to financially support this community precisely so that it can develop different activities on its agenda and cover its needs.

According to Guahnich, “they are very grateful for this support because their community has been shrinking in recent years”, but “continues with the same activities and needs”, among which he highlighted the education of young people after leaving Sephardic school at the age of 11, as well as the workers they need for certain rituals and the initiatives they promote on the occasion of their festivities.

Similarly, the Sephardic Chair has recently been established, which will serve to study the Jewish culture of Melilla and will help the autonomous city to become part of the Network of Juderias.


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